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Everything is possible with God.





Man in Bondage
There are three dolls the first made of salt, the second made of cloth, and the third of stone. If these dolls are immersed in water, the first doll made of salt will become dissolved and lose its form. The second doll made from cloth will absorb a large quantity of water but retain its form. The third doll, made of stone, will remain impervious to water. The first doll made from salt represents the man who merges his self in the universal and all-pervading Self and becomes one with It. He is the liberated man. The second doll from cloth represents the Bhakta (devotee) or the true lover of God, who is full of Divine bliss and knowledge. And the third doll made of stone, represents the worldly man who will not admit even a particle of true knowledge into his heart.

Since a lot of people liked this post and wanted me to continue, I have created a new blog dedicated totally to spirituality. This blog will consists posts about spirituality, religion and humanity. It is not biased by any particular religion instead would contain excerpts from all religions. It will revolve around love, peace, humanity, way of living, good thoughts and inspirations. As it is said “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.Matthew 7:7

You can visit the blog page http://csd4.wordpress.com/