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5 and 1/2 min of life in universe and universe in life.

Lucas 2012 Infos

Uploaded by xblade1x1x on 30 March  2011. we are the center of our own universe, go to your center and find your self, and find a Existence that has no beginning or ending.

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Stay Positive because Positivity Stays.

As life continues, we get acquainted with new observations and further getting illuminated by our findings, so this is how I stumbled upon the “ Phantom DNA Effect” which awakened within me the logic of positive and negative energy with a scientific foundation to support it .

The DNA Phantom Effect was discovered by Russian scientist and “father of Wave Genetics”, Peter P. Gariaev. In 1985 the very first evidential proofs of DNA being able to maintain wave/field type memory were found. That same year, the “DNA Phantom Effect” was given its name after observations made by Gariaev stated that physical DNA somehow attracted and manipulated light in a vacuum chamber, when the light should have been random. After removing the DNA from the experiment, the light stayed organized, which in the end, suggests that human DNA can and does directly affect the physical world.

          After Gariaev, Dr. Vladimir  Poponin also analyzed strange occurrences during an energy experiment. The scientist believed there was no rational explanation for the change in the energy surrounding the experiment. This led to the idea that people emit an unknown amount of energy from the DNA within the body.

While no one has found a definitive way to prove the DNA phantom effect to everyone, it is a fact the body is made of energy. Everyone produces electrical currents through the brain and the heart. The body changes food into energy and energy into power. Whether the idea of positive thoughts and focus really change any electrical currents has yet to reach specific conclusion  and the theory seems to serve as a starting point for people seeking to promote the concept of  positivity and negativity. The scientists have found nothing further to substantiate the claim. As the theory remains viewed as theology more than science. But this never the less should underestimate the power of our DNA, our biological matter that we all possess and simultaneously possess the ability to transfer its energy to the environment we share. We must thus try to transport positive vibes not only through our good Karma but good Thoughts as well and a good soul which might be imprinted on the galaxy at last.