A scar on my Heart

Days pass by but it’s hard to deny,

That my aching soul, screeches a cry,

peace on-looker like a passerby,

A scar on my heart remains a sty.

Seldom have I given a try,

to even justify or pry,

bleeding wounds that thoughts inspire,

swollen eyes crimson and dry.

Disgust faces smiling wry,

wailing roars deafens the sky,

trembling sorrow meek and shy,

helpless Mother, deprived a lullaby.

Forever sigh an unending cry,

ultimate farewell last goodbye.


Thanks to

We hardly get time to Thank God for everything he has given us. So surely it is rarely we remember the others. Our parents are always taken for granted they are hardly thanked verbally and our lover’s and friends they don’t want  us to thank them.

But today I would like to Thank for the Global platform it has allotted us. I am happy to say that I have ideals, friends, admirers, and followers from all over the world. It has increased my confidence, self-respect and appreciation and worth in my own eyes. I always wanted to be a writer and express myself. I always wanted to share my happiness and hope with everybody. Today I am expressing myself the best way I can.Thank you WordPress.

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Just wanted to say…Hi! Have a Good Day!

Sometimes time just stops by and everything seems empty. Pondering on our life, we wish for many things and a moment comes when you feel the connection with the whole world, you feel the whole world being in you and you being a part of the whole world. This is same instance when I feel one with you and though may be I don’t know you, I still feel you are not unknown and at this same instance , I just want to say Hi! Have a Good Day. And this is for you.