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A Perfect Pair- The Cinderella’s Shoe

No this is not a Christian Louboutin Cinderella Shoe Advertisement, this is about the wish each girl grows up with, to own a pair of shoes just like Cinderella had, the perfect fit and maybe magical too. The one she would wear when dancing with her true love.

We all know, how difficult it is to get that perfect fit which would look the best on our feet. The one pair which is just tailor made for us.

Imagine the fuss we make around, when trying the shoes, they should be beautiful, exceptional like nobody else has, fitting to the core, and comfortable, guess we get these all in a  pair. But why can’t we ask for it? We all have that little Cinderella within us, wanting to jump forth whenever we see a stiletto.

But I don’t think men get that point. Because few days ago I was shopping with my fiance and I found these ballerinas quite impressive, they were transparent and had a heart on it just like the picture below, and guess what he exclaimed,  “I could never imagine shoes with hearts on them.” As if wearing those would mean trampling hearts under my foot, I can’t even imagine that. We can blame that on  gender discretion.

Whatever, he later bought me a beautiful  white slipper and said, ” You look like an angel in it, my fairy.”

Coming back to the Cinderella topic,  I would shop for the perfect pair for that grand day, and hope I find the one’s that are waiting to get into my feet.

Because you never know.