My- One Lovely Blog Award

Yes an award again, this time it is ‘One Lovely Blog Award’.

I like the Red Heart in the  background, looks like it is enhancing the word LOVELY.

So, Like always the basic rules of awards that go by, inform viewer’s ‘who’ has awarded you the award, write seven random things about myself, nominate another 15 bloggers for this award and notify them.

this award has been showered on be by, my lovely blogger friendfriendlytm

A lot of appreciation and love, for the award.

Seven random things about me.

1. I drink milk daily.

2. Apart from blogging I sketch.

3. I am getting more than 100 Spam comments every day,,,I get frustrated.

4.I was closest to my Grandmother.

5. I will write a book some day.

6. I believe in Astrology and Tarot.

7. White color keeps me cool.
And the nominations are:-

1. Manu Kurup

2. lotustarotblossom


4. Poetry and Musings

5. Tapish Gupta

6.Sheikh. Amna Rafiq

7. fromthomas77b

8. benja1974

9. Jackie at Shook

10. Prashant

11.Howard Peacock


13. nishanil


15. Amyth banerjee


9 thoughts on “My- One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you Cynthia.
    That was a kind gesture.
    Some one had already nominated me for that award. But, I’m glad to have two in my showcase. 🙂

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