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My True Beau..

I know, my love is true,

Because seeing us, the world is blue,

I think, they got the clue,

Since we stick together, like glue.


Swaying in your arms, I  flew,

It’s like, a dream come true,

From my soul, my feelings drew,

Thus, love blossomed and happiness grew.


My Mother, scented my emotions brew,

And relatives, became a spectator’s crew,

I was dazzled, by the happenings new,

And tears rolled my eyes, like dew.


It only happens, when you find a soul mate true,

I found in him, my only, my true beau.


A piece of Lovecake..


Mixed in the flour of happiness,

folded in some romance,

sifted with a pinch of peace,

and an essence of hope.


Added  with some ecstasy,

and sweetness of seduction,

into a dough of fantasy,

baked in the oven of lust.


With an icing of proposal,

and a dusting of wishes,

a thick layer of trust,

and detailing of kisses.


I have baked a cake of happily ever after,

Let’s share a piece of Love cake.