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Nonsensical popping Ads

You definitely understood what I am talking about. The unnecessary advertisements that pop up whenever we are busy and concentrating on something important. As it is, we have so many distractions, including children, coworkers, honkers and uninvited guests and salesmen, adding to them these ads just pop up anytime. But that is what they are for to distract us and attract us  to the commercial so that we buy their stupid product, about which we were not at all thinking till now. But will irritating arouse us to buy that.

They’re so irritating because they’re launched without your permission. And these irritating marketing tools come in two varieties. The pop up ad appears on top of the browser window, covering the web page you’re trying to view. Pop under ads are sneakier. You don’t see them at first because they appear under the browser window, which means you’re not bombarded immediately—but close or minimize that window and there they lurk.

If you are person like me, who seriously don’t like mischief can understand my feelings. other than some who just enjoy the pics aiding to their wavering mind. Hey don’t mind if you are one of them, it is just a casual remark.

Whatever, But still these pop ups don’t budge they are nasty like stubborn children. And pop up when least expected.

As a child I loved pop up cards and books.









They were really exciting and I liked surprises back then but not any more pop ups are not surprises and they are very irritating. I think I have started suffering from pop up phobia.

I some times feel like hammering the pop ups and squeezing their heads which try to wriggle back their ugly heads like a worm. Awhh!!