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A piece of Lovecake..


Mixed in the flour of happiness,

folded in some romance,

sifted with a pinch of peace,

and an essence of hope.


Added  with some ecstasy,

and sweetness of seduction,

into a dough of fantasy,

baked in the oven of lust.


With an icing of proposal,

and a dusting of wishes,

a thick layer of trust,

and detailing of kisses.


I have baked a cake of happily ever after,

Let’s share a piece of Love cake.


My Umbrella.










Be thunderous clouds or showers of rain,

Of good days or bad times,

Days of joy or heart pains,

You are My Umbrella at all times.


When sorrows hit like lashing rains,

Squeezing eyes and twitching pains,

I need protection at such times,

You are My Umbrella at all times.


My days are darker and sorrowful too,

I see the thunders and lighting too,

When trust fails and hope maims,

You are My Umbrella at all times.


Seasons will pass clearing the skies,

You will always be My Umbrella, my sunshine.

New lovebird Theme…for love bloggers..

Hi!! Dear Bloggers, there is a new theme launched especially for Love sick bloggers, who are in love or preparing for their weddings, you can use this theme to update your romantic blogs, I am going to use it as a rough sketch of my love life path till my marriage and happily ever after as well.You can check it out at http://csd6.wordpress.com/

I can feel the same excitement I had before updating my status as ‘in a relationship’ on facebook.

Anybody interested in the theme can visit this  page http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/lovebirds/

I think you will like it.Have a good day.

Just wanted to say…Hi! Have a Good Day!

Sometimes time just stops by and everything seems empty. Pondering on our life, we wish for many things and a moment comes when you feel the connection with the whole world, you feel the whole world being in you and you being a part of the whole world. This is same instance when I feel one with you and though may be I don’t know you, I still feel you are not unknown and at this same instance , I just want to say Hi! Have a Good Day. And this is for you.

The Awaited Rains…

My life was parched by Love,

You came like the Awaited rains.

Drenching Me head to toe,

You caressed My sorely pains.

When Hopes started to dwindle,

You gave Me a dream to kindle.

When status implied irony single,

You stirred a duet for Me to mingle.

When depression sabotaged and musing muddled,

You cushioned pleasure and comfort cuddled.

Driving away the choking silence,

You brought back the overwhelming balance.

Forever pours the awaited rain,

Evergreen stays My heart You reign.

Love is Powerful.


Love is a very powerful emotion. It is very difficult to define Love. Each and every definition would fade away before its majestic persona. It can be understood only when you feel it. All of us have experienced it at some time in our life, it has different meaning for different people. But we mostly say we are in Love when we fall for the opposite sex, mostly. So even I am not untouched by Love. And yes It is so powerful, it can make you do the unbelievable things. Love brought out the poetess within me. And I wrote this sonnet, I would like to share it with you. It was a beautiful moment, could not keep it to myself.

My sonnet of Love

I know you Love me,

And I love you too.

Like Christmas past,

And fountains new.


Where sorrows died,

But tulips grew,

Where ended sighs,

But swallows flew.


I know you Love me,

And I know it’s true.

Like divine lyrics,

Sung  by few.


You are my Savior, my valiant knight.

My heart foresees the shining light.