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If I were a Mermaid…

If I were a Mermaid,

I would have scales green and blue.














I would have dived the oceans,

Finding treasures too.


























I would have made some sea friends,

Dolphins, not one but two.

















And I would make love potions,

Like all Mermaids do.















I would have guessed, how birds,

And butterflies flew.















And would have wished for,

A pair of wings too..

















If you were a Mermaid,

What would you do?

























Looking through your eyes..

Love and Greetings to everybody, There are days when the urge of expressing is so high it just bursts out like a volcano, and then there are times when you just want to observe, observe your own behavior and experiences when touched by or influenced by others, when a small sentence or  a simple picture can change your whole outlook about a thought process, it is when we understand the worth of looking through someone else s eyes. Here I am directly connoting to my fellow bloggers.

The stirring of our emotions is like a pebble thrown in a pool of water, the instance it falls on our consciousness, the moment a series of ripples are generated which take different forms of expressions and thereafter touching lives. So it is very important for  a blogger to understand what he is spreading. We foremost should try to blog responsibly.  Adults are not susceptible to new thoughts , they are camouflaged by their old  beliefs and rudiments, but young minds are like free butterflies, easily attracted to different views and glamor, these are the mind we should be concerned for.

A blog is an expression of our views, we try our best to advocate our perceptions and understanding about life. The more easily the reader understands the concept shows the skill of the writer, their capability of persuasion. It is not necessary that each and every word of the related topic should be digestible by the reader, but the concept should be clear . The whole topic does not open itself  in one go and that will not be exciting either, a blogger should leave a trail of clues which unfolds the story slowly and gradually developing the matter.

There are days when I just want to break the routine and simply connect to our blogging community in a very simple manner , in  a manner we relate to our family. Our blogging family. Today I just wanted to share that when somebody casually surfs our blog, he is actually seeing the world we have seen or what we have painted for him. The point here is , if we want to influence anybody or simply showing him a part of our life, show him which affects him positively. Oppressed by the  stress and strain of life, there are majority of people who want to see something good, laugh for a change, learn from others mistake, searching for  hidden answers.Lets give them their answers, lets share our love, our hope. Share your positivity with your readers, when they  are looking through your eyes.

My True Beau..

I know, my love is true,

Because seeing us, the world is blue,

I think, they got the clue,

Since we stick together, like glue.


Swaying in your arms, I  flew,

It’s like, a dream come true,

From my soul, my feelings drew,

Thus, love blossomed and happiness grew.


My Mother, scented my emotions brew,

And relatives, became a spectator’s crew,

I was dazzled, by the happenings new,

And tears rolled my eyes, like dew.


It only happens, when you find a soul mate true,

I found in him, my only, my true beau.

The Sunshine Award… Another feather on my Hat.






















My Friend Blogger Tapish Gupta has yet again added a feather on my Hat by awarding me The Sunshine Award, I am grateful to him, and tons of thanks to him.

This Sweet award looks like this,

I have to answer some questions, They are:-

Love or Money?
LOVE..!! Because I can  survive without money, but not without Love.

High salary or job satisfaction?
Job Satisfaction always.

Favorite Book?
‘Alice In Wonderland’  I am still a child within.

I also love Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Rabindranath Tagore. Norman Vincent Peale.

Television character that you simply adore?
Agent Scully in X-Files played by Gillian Anderson.

Favorite Music
All kinds of music depends upon my mood, But at any time, Old Indian Classics, Ghazals, or English Pop.

Favorite type of movie

And time for the Nominations:













*kayla sadlier



Cynthia’s woe..











I feel battered,

I feel low,

I feel shattered,

Rising Foe.


Calves are cramped,

And aching toe,

Piercing words,

Captured doe.


Image tattered,

Lady Macbeth ‘s blow,

Doubts catered,

Cynthia’s woe.


Spectators relish the hypocrite’s show,

Successors crush our trust below.





Dedicated to my colleague.










Copy cat – One Lovely Blog Award.

HI!!  Saving a lot of time , this time , I am passing the award with mostly the same words with a little modification,I hope you can understand, I am so busy…..

Again, this time it is ‘One Lovely Blog Award’.

So, Like always the basic rules of awards that go by, inform viewer’s ‘who’ has awarded you the award, write seven random things about myself, nominate another 15 bloggers for this award and notify them.

this award has been showered on be by, my lovely blogger friendManu Kurup

A lot of appreciation and love, for the award.

Seven random things about me. ( The most difficult part)

1. I read the Holy Bible and Bhagawad Gita.

2. I like the sayings of Gautam Budhha.

3. My ideals are Swami Vivekananda and Mother Teresa.

4.I believe God is One.

5. I respect all religions.

6.  I administer a facebook page

7. Yes I am promoting my another Blog on spiritualism.

And the nominations are:-




4.Rangan Datta





9.Goresan Hitam



12.Rishabh Upadhyay

13.Numero Uno


15.Michelle Fitzurka

Chow for Now..

My- One Lovely Blog Award

Yes an award again, this time it is ‘One Lovely Blog Award’.

I like the Red Heart in the  background, looks like it is enhancing the word LOVELY.

So, Like always the basic rules of awards that go by, inform viewer’s ‘who’ has awarded you the award, write seven random things about myself, nominate another 15 bloggers for this award and notify them.

this award has been showered on be by, my lovely blogger friendfriendlytm

A lot of appreciation and love, for the award.

Seven random things about me.

1. I drink milk daily.

2. Apart from blogging I sketch.

3. I am getting more than 100 Spam comments every day,,,I get frustrated.

4.I was closest to my Grandmother.

5. I will write a book some day.

6. I believe in Astrology and Tarot.

7. White color keeps me cool.
And the nominations are:-

1. Manu Kurup

2. lotustarotblossom


4. Poetry and Musings

5. Tapish Gupta

6.Sheikh. Amna Rafiq

7. fromthomas77b

8. benja1974

9. Jackie at Shook

10. Prashant

11.Howard Peacock


13. nishanil


15. Amyth banerjee