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Home is where your heart is.

How many times does it happen in our lives, that we feel the urge to push open the  front door of our house and run away somewhere very far?  Somewhere far from a place called “Home”.

What is the literal meaning of home? It basically means  a residence of a person, family or household or the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered. In short where our family is and yet we want to break free, why?

Simple because we are not happy there,  our heart lies somewhere else. Yes we can be unhappy at times within our homes, can be for unlimited reasons. One of the biggest  reasons could be adjustment problems with our family members, could also be our own mother, in  rarest of  occasions. We could also go to the extent of living separate.

To think of taking a respite for a while is different, but to move permanently, we need to make many changes, take many challenges, if it is worthwhile its fine, if not try giving it  second thought. Say if we have to continue in the same place without any alternative, then what?

We get emotionally hurt because we let others hurt us, they abuse us once we abuse ourselves manifolds by pondering over the same issues. Let go of things at times, let go of possessions, let go of worries, let go of  setbacks, move on from all this, it is in the mind where a person is hurt not in a place.

Cleanse your heart of hatred, it destroys us more than anybody else can. Try innovative ways of dealing with domestic issues, even decorating our house or doing gardening at times can deviate our mind from standing issues, and some issues, tend to subside with passage of time. Major ones can be  sought out with an elder, a good friend, a consultant , a legal adviser. Running away is not the only way of combating domestic issues, where many people can be affected by our decision.

We must try to bring back our heart where our family is, where our Home is.