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Be your own Angel.


        Do we believe in angel’s? Some of us do, some of us don’t, its a matter of reasoning and our beliefs.But at some point in our lives many of us desired that there should have been an angel, who would have made our deepest dreams come true or at times protected us from something we feared most.

       Suppose there were angels out there but still if we could not see them or get connected to them. So, should we leave it there or, …..’or’ is an important word. Or can we find the angel within us?

       We all are unique, important and special, not only for our parents, relatives or friends but also for ourselves. We all have a soul, an energy, a power, which can influence others, then why not ourselves.

       We should try to recognize the strength we have within us. When we become self aware of our weaknesses and strengths, we can curb the unwanted and cultivate the ones we need.

        This self realization connects us to the angel within us, which not only gives us strength to fulfill our dreams but also protects us from our scariest nightmares.

        So all my sweet angels, be your own Angel.