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My Quest to the Fountain Of Youth.

Observing the wallpaper on my computer screen, soaking the greenery of the trees in my overworked sore eyes and absorbing the peaceful bliss of the blue waterfall in my fatigued mind, it instantly struck the idea of discovering the legendary ” Fountain of Youth”. If a mere poster of nature’s beauty can renew my spirits and spark the idea of another blog, what could be the possibilities of a real youth giving fountain. Thus started my quest to understand deeply the secret of the fountain of youth.

This was not the first time I came about the fancy tale, the stories had romanced me at the rightful age, when girls relate themselves to fairy tales and legends, though I still feed my soul with those poisoned apples, I was definitely awestruck by it once again and decided to dig deeply into it. But it was not more than few hours since I overturned a few websites settling down for the conclusion that if it was really approachable , I would not have seen any grandfathers and grandmothers around. And it would  be upsetting because I love my grandparents a lot.And seriously, has the working class the time for these quests excluding those who are traveling on a treasure  hunt or those whose profession really directs them to such sites?  I settled down to be contented  with what I had than what I can or I could. Leaving my search for the pastime category.

But surfing through the related pages I discovered that it has influenced many a powerful minds, from Herodotus who wrote about Alexander the Great, to others repeating itself in literary to holy books, from comics to bestseller movies. The credit goes to the influential writers, places and actors, not excluding the latest Johnny Depp in pirates of the Caribbean part 4, my imagination pulls me further to my latest crush Robert Pattinson in the Twilight series living forever as a vampire, guess the fountain is of blood which gives nourishment and sustains life nevertheless with a touch of dracula kiss. Well jokes apart the Mantra for me to stay young for now is loving and laughing a lot and as usual receiving and emitting  a lot of positive vibes.So that’s it for tonight and for tomorrow there will be a better topic, awaiting in the dark corner of my memory lane waiting for the right moment to pounce on me and in my innocent self defence I would draw my lethal weapon, my pen and burst into a fiery blog. Oops!!! is that a little too much??? Not if you are on legendary quests.