Looking through your eyes..

Love and Greetings to everybody, There are days when the urge of expressing is so high it just bursts out like a volcano, and then there are times when you just want to observe, observe your own behavior and experiences when touched by or influenced by others, when a small sentence or  a simple picture can change your whole outlook about a thought process, it is when we understand the worth of looking through someone else s eyes. Here I am directly connoting to my fellow bloggers.

The stirring of our emotions is like a pebble thrown in a pool of water, the instance it falls on our consciousness, the moment a series of ripples are generated which take different forms of expressions and thereafter touching lives. So it is very important for  a blogger to understand what he is spreading. We foremost should try to blog responsibly.  Adults are not susceptible to new thoughts , they are camouflaged by their old  beliefs and rudiments, but young minds are like free butterflies, easily attracted to different views and glamor, these are the mind we should be concerned for.

A blog is an expression of our views, we try our best to advocate our perceptions and understanding about life. The more easily the reader understands the concept shows the skill of the writer, their capability of persuasion. It is not necessary that each and every word of the related topic should be digestible by the reader, but the concept should be clear . The whole topic does not open itself  in one go and that will not be exciting either, a blogger should leave a trail of clues which unfolds the story slowly and gradually developing the matter.

There are days when I just want to break the routine and simply connect to our blogging community in a very simple manner , in  a manner we relate to our family. Our blogging family. Today I just wanted to share that when somebody casually surfs our blog, he is actually seeing the world we have seen or what we have painted for him. The point here is , if we want to influence anybody or simply showing him a part of our life, show him which affects him positively. Oppressed by the  stress and strain of life, there are majority of people who want to see something good, laugh for a change, learn from others mistake, searching for  hidden answers.Lets give them their answers, lets share our love, our hope. Share your positivity with your readers, when they  are looking through your eyes.


Nonsensical popping Ads

You definitely understood what I am talking about. The unnecessary advertisements that pop up whenever we are busy and concentrating on something important. As it is, we have so many distractions, including children, coworkers, honkers and uninvited guests and salesmen, adding to them these ads just pop up anytime. But that is what they are for to distract us and attract us  to the commercial so that we buy their stupid product, about which we were not at all thinking till now. But will irritating arouse us to buy that.

They’re so irritating because they’re launched without your permission. And these irritating marketing tools come in two varieties. The pop up ad appears on top of the browser window, covering the web page you’re trying to view. Pop under ads are sneakier. You don’t see them at first because they appear under the browser window, which means you’re not bombarded immediately—but close or minimize that window and there they lurk.

If you are person like me, who seriously don’t like mischief can understand my feelings. other than some who just enjoy the pics aiding to their wavering mind. Hey don’t mind if you are one of them, it is just a casual remark.

Whatever, But still these pop ups don’t budge they are nasty like stubborn children. And pop up when least expected.

As a child I loved pop up cards and books.









They were really exciting and I liked surprises back then but not any more pop ups are not surprises and they are very irritating. I think I have started suffering from pop up phobia.

I some times feel like hammering the pop ups and squeezing their heads which try to wriggle back their ugly heads like a worm. Awhh!!



A Perfect Pair- The Cinderella’s Shoe

No this is not a Christian Louboutin Cinderella Shoe Advertisement, this is about the wish each girl grows up with, to own a pair of shoes just like Cinderella had, the perfect fit and maybe magical too. The one she would wear when dancing with her true love.

We all know, how difficult it is to get that perfect fit which would look the best on our feet. The one pair which is just tailor made for us.

Imagine the fuss we make around, when trying the shoes, they should be beautiful, exceptional like nobody else has, fitting to the core, and comfortable, guess we get these all in a  pair. But why can’t we ask for it? We all have that little Cinderella within us, wanting to jump forth whenever we see a stiletto.

But I don’t think men get that point. Because few days ago I was shopping with my fiance and I found these ballerinas quite impressive, they were transparent and had a heart on it just like the picture below, and guess what he exclaimed,  “I could never imagine shoes with hearts on them.” As if wearing those would mean trampling hearts under my foot, I can’t even imagine that. We can blame that on  gender discretion.

Whatever, he later bought me a beautiful  white slipper and said, ” You look like an angel in it, my fairy.”

Coming back to the Cinderella topic,  I would shop for the perfect pair for that grand day, and hope I find the one’s that are waiting to get into my feet.

Because you never know.


Blogging Inspiration from Tarot subscription!

Life directs you through amazing ways at times, giving you answers when you need it most. I don’t know whether it happens with you as well, if not then I am the lucky one, I guess. Well, to tell you the fact I am new at blogging and like all amateurs, even I have lot of doubts. For example, Why should I blog? How much should I blog? What should I blog?…So this is How I found my answer, being a little mysterious being I am automatically attracted to the occult sciences and I am subscribed to a weekly Tarot Card reading, which I receive  through my email.  So today I opened my email box and this is what I found, It is quiet interesting, so I am sharing it with you.

“Hi Cynthia. Do you love to write and have something to share? The Page of Swords card is an inspirational message that it’s time for you to start putting your work out there into the world, whether it’s your own blog, sending your a book proposal to a publisher, or emailing your friend to tell them a great new idea. This card is all about being brave enough to communicate your truth.

It’s said that we’ve all got at least one book in us. We all have interesting stories to tell, so what’s yours? This is the “go for it” card. I want to encourage you to share your ideas with the world. It can be scary to put yourself out there, but you may also help someone who needed to hear what you had to say. So check your great work out of the library of unwritten masterpieces and get it in print.

The Page of Swords can represent an air sign child (Libra, Aquarius or Gemini), or simply the fun and playful childlike energy of wonder and new ideas. We all do our best writing when we are in the fun flow of what interests and excites us, and we are being true to ourselves no matter what anyone else thinks.

A professional Tarot reader and psychic can be invaluable in helping you understand the special meaning of the Page of Swords for you. Everyone wants to know what is written in their stars and cards, so you should feel free to ask! We have a lovely team live online so get in touch.


Well if you have viewed this card, same goes for you. Is  it not  inspiring??? Then dear folks great blogging and keep communicating. And if anyone is interested in the Tarot website

The night I encountered ‘Fairies’….*^*

Yes, I know what you are thinking, is it true or just another fictitious blog. Well the truth is even I am not sure because it happened only once and I have no evidence. It was a night just like any other, I was sixteen then. I had gone to my cousin sister’s house to visit her on the weekend , her name is Caroline, being the eldest of us she was married then. I was supposed to spend the night there. I remember that I was a bit disturbed that day, as all teenagers are during their teens combating extreme emotional ups and downs. Even small things are visualized as big problems and finding answers to them, a hectic job. So coming back to the point, we had dinner and I was standing in the dark on the terrace crying my heart out. Later we went to sleep in our respective rooms. I remember clearly that everybody had settled to sleep and a silence prevailed in the room. I was sleeping in the corner just beside the wall, with still big sobs in my eyes.

I was not still asleep when I felt a pinch on my index finger of my left hand which was just near my face, and not much later I thought someone just pulled a lock of my hair which was lying open and covering a part of my face. A let out a small squeal and thought an insect must have bitten me. As my eyes were full of  tears, I thought I did not see properly. I saw a small creature on my finger it was white, glowing and had wings. It was just a moment, I squeezed my eyes to let the tear drops fall, so I could see clearer. And I was amazed to see what I saw,  a series of thoughts passed by, like I must be dreaming, or maybe hallucinating  or maybe because I am sad or something, but even thoughts got disturbed when I saw a few more tiptoeing one behind the other a little scared, from behind the wall. The one playing with me was the fearless of them all and maybe what people say are right, they are little pranksters, enjoying themselves. The others were shy.It was a marvelous encounter and didn’t want to scare them  But by this time I became very scared, first of all I had never seen something like this. It may have been a dream but I could feel all the biting and pulling havoc. I just took a small breath and sat upright.

As soon as I got up these tiny pixies not more than two inches, with wings, white an shiny a little transparent kind of and off course flying and jumping  quickly scurried behind the wall. Before I could understand the whole incident everything was silent and dark again. I looked around to see my siblings fast asleep. I quietly lay back waiting for a while to see if they come back. They never came back and after some time I fell asleep and for sure I forgot the crying part of the story. The next morning I was happy and glad but the incident of the night before, when I encountered the fairies  I am sharing with you for the first time in my life. I don’t know what you are going to make of it. But I am seriously asking that if any of you have come across any such situations please tell me, so that I don’t feel like the odd one out.

My Quest to the Fountain Of Youth.

Observing the wallpaper on my computer screen, soaking the greenery of the trees in my overworked sore eyes and absorbing the peaceful bliss of the blue waterfall in my fatigued mind, it instantly struck the idea of discovering the legendary ” Fountain of Youth”. If a mere poster of nature’s beauty can renew my spirits and spark the idea of another blog, what could be the possibilities of a real youth giving fountain. Thus started my quest to understand deeply the secret of the fountain of youth.

This was not the first time I came about the fancy tale, the stories had romanced me at the rightful age, when girls relate themselves to fairy tales and legends, though I still feed my soul with those poisoned apples, I was definitely awestruck by it once again and decided to dig deeply into it. But it was not more than few hours since I overturned a few websites settling down for the conclusion that if it was really approachable , I would not have seen any grandfathers and grandmothers around. And it would  be upsetting because I love my grandparents a lot.And seriously, has the working class the time for these quests excluding those who are traveling on a treasure  hunt or those whose profession really directs them to such sites?  I settled down to be contented  with what I had than what I can or I could. Leaving my search for the pastime category.

But surfing through the related pages I discovered that it has influenced many a powerful minds, from Herodotus who wrote about Alexander the Great, to others repeating itself in literary to holy books, from comics to bestseller movies. The credit goes to the influential writers, places and actors, not excluding the latest Johnny Depp in pirates of the Caribbean part 4, my imagination pulls me further to my latest crush Robert Pattinson in the Twilight series living forever as a vampire, guess the fountain is of blood which gives nourishment and sustains life nevertheless with a touch of dracula kiss. Well jokes apart the Mantra for me to stay young for now is loving and laughing a lot and as usual receiving and emitting  a lot of positive vibes.So that’s it for tonight and for tomorrow there will be a better topic, awaiting in the dark corner of my memory lane waiting for the right moment to pounce on me and in my innocent self defence I would draw my lethal weapon, my pen and burst into a fiery blog. Oops!!! is that a little too much??? Not if you are on legendary quests.