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If I were a Mermaid…

If I were a Mermaid,

I would have scales green and blue.














I would have dived the oceans,

Finding treasures too.


























I would have made some sea friends,

Dolphins, not one but two.

















And I would make love potions,

Like all Mermaids do.















I would have guessed, how birds,

And butterflies flew.















And would have wished for,

A pair of wings too..

















If you were a Mermaid,

What would you do?

























My True Beau..

I know, my love is true,

Because seeing us, the world is blue,

I think, they got the clue,

Since we stick together, like glue.


Swaying in your arms, I  flew,

It’s like, a dream come true,

From my soul, my feelings drew,

Thus, love blossomed and happiness grew.


My Mother, scented my emotions brew,

And relatives, became a spectator’s crew,

I was dazzled, by the happenings new,

And tears rolled my eyes, like dew.


It only happens, when you find a soul mate true,

I found in him, my only, my true beau.

Cynthia’s woe..











I feel battered,

I feel low,

I feel shattered,

Rising Foe.


Calves are cramped,

And aching toe,

Piercing words,

Captured doe.


Image tattered,

Lady Macbeth ‘s blow,

Doubts catered,

Cynthia’s woe.


Spectators relish the hypocrite’s show,

Successors crush our trust below.





Dedicated to my colleague.










A piece of Lovecake..


Mixed in the flour of happiness,

folded in some romance,

sifted with a pinch of peace,

and an essence of hope.


Added  with some ecstasy,

and sweetness of seduction,

into a dough of fantasy,

baked in the oven of lust.


With an icing of proposal,

and a dusting of wishes,

a thick layer of trust,

and detailing of kisses.


I have baked a cake of happily ever after,

Let’s share a piece of Love cake.

A scar on my Heart

Days pass by but it’s hard to deny,

That my aching soul, screeches a cry,

peace on-looker like a passerby,

A scar on my heart remains a sty.

Seldom have I given a try,

to even justify or pry,

bleeding wounds that thoughts inspire,

swollen eyes crimson and dry.

Disgust faces smiling wry,

wailing roars deafens the sky,

trembling sorrow meek and shy,

helpless Mother, deprived a lullaby.

Forever sigh an unending cry,

ultimate farewell last goodbye.

My Umbrella.










Be thunderous clouds or showers of rain,

Of good days or bad times,

Days of joy or heart pains,

You are My Umbrella at all times.


When sorrows hit like lashing rains,

Squeezing eyes and twitching pains,

I need protection at such times,

You are My Umbrella at all times.


My days are darker and sorrowful too,

I see the thunders and lighting too,

When trust fails and hope maims,

You are My Umbrella at all times.


Seasons will pass clearing the skies,

You will always be My Umbrella, my sunshine.

The Awaited Rains…

My life was parched by Love,

You came like the Awaited rains.

Drenching Me head to toe,

You caressed My sorely pains.

When Hopes started to dwindle,

You gave Me a dream to kindle.

When status implied irony single,

You stirred a duet for Me to mingle.

When depression sabotaged and musing muddled,

You cushioned pleasure and comfort cuddled.

Driving away the choking silence,

You brought back the overwhelming balance.

Forever pours the awaited rain,

Evergreen stays My heart You reign.