Thank You.

Hi Friends,

Wanted to thank all of you, for appreciating my blogs. With nearly 5500 hits, a 100 followers and more than 500 likes, you have given me a reason to smile and keep writing. But that’s not all, I would like to know what kind of blogs do you wish me to write and which ones you really liked. Please spare some time and give a small reply, I would really be obliged.

Love to All,

Thanking you,

Yours Cynthia.

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If I were a Mermaid…

If I were a Mermaid,

I would have scales green and blue.














I would have dived the oceans,

Finding treasures too.


























I would have made some sea friends,

Dolphins, not one but two.

















And I would make love potions,

Like all Mermaids do.















I would have guessed, how birds,

And butterflies flew.















And would have wished for,

A pair of wings too..

















If you were a Mermaid,

What would you do?